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Targeting System

Crowfall is designed to have a more action focused combat experience than some other MMOs. Passive dodge/parry stats have been replaced with an active 'dash' based system that the player will trigger to avoid attacks. Targeting has also been changed so that instead of targeting other players attacks will have various shapes such as cones, rectangles, spheres, etc.

Class (Un)Balance

Crowfall FAQ [1]
The idea that “all characters should be equally balanced in all situations” is not one of our design goals. We’re giving you the control to be able to customize your character. The natural result is that some character builds will inevitably be better than others.

Crowfall is not designed to have a paper/rock/scissors character dynamic. The developers are trying to give each player a character type that they will enjoy playing, and to let that player's skill determine the situations in which they will have an advantage.

Combat Healing

Combat healing will be de-emphasized as it something that really suits a PVE driven dynamic.

PVE / Loot

There will not contain any PvE style raids or familiar boss battles. In fact, AI creeps will not even be a source for equipment. Instead they will drop reagents that crafters will use to create equipment.