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JToddColeman [1]

Players take the roles of Divine Champions, immortal participants in the War of the Gods. They join the Campaigns to scavenge the Dying Worlds for relics, resources and glory.

Player live in a persistence Eternal Kingdom with little to no resources. New worlds will be born under different celestial orbits with different PVP rules for visiting Heroes looking for resources and relics. Some of the Dying Worlds will allow the Heroes to bring items and gear with them, some Worlds will strip the Hero of all possessions leaving them naked and alone in a brand new world. Banding together, scavenging resources, building fortifications, fighting off ever more dangerous NPCs under the affects of The Hunger. A Hunger that will not only evolve the NPCs in to ever more dangerous versions of themselves but will also bring about the end of the world. When the world ends there will be winners and there will be losers. Depending on the Worlds rule set Heroes will then be able to take back a percentage of their spoil to the Eternal Kingdoms. This cycle is being referred to as a Campaign.

We have been teased that the next update will include information relating to a "strategic territorial conquest system".

"Player-driven Economic Systems

The heart of the Crowfall design lies in the marriage of two game systems:

- A system for strategic territorial conquest, and

- A system for player-driven crafting and economics system

Like a proverbial "yin and yang", these two systems have very different (and often competing) design goals -- but each of them REALLY shines only in the presence of the other."[2]