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Because of the way that servers / worlds are linked, we can expect a deep meta economy. This system is being designed to make crafting THE system that the economy and conquest are based on, but also supported by.

JToddColeman [1]
Player-driven Economic Systems

The heart of the Crowfall design lies in the marriage of two game systems: - A system for strategic territorial conquest, and - A system for player-driven crafting and economics system Like a proverbial "yin and yang", these two systems have very different (and often competing) design goals -- but each of them REALLY shines only in the presence of the other. Marrying these two systems is like the "holy grail" of virtual world development. This is a seriously tough challenge. So, I'm not going to boldly pronounce, "we've solved it for everyone!" -- but I do think that we've solved it in a unique and novel way that some people are going to absolutely love. To help us solve this tough challenge, we needed help. I am delighted to (finally) reveal our ongoing collaboration with Raph Koster. For those of you not familiar with Raph, he is one of the most renowned and experienced MMO designers in the world. He was the lead designer on both Ultima Online and Star Wars Galaxies from inception through launch; two games which really "set the bar" for crafting systems in a virtual world. Raph also literally wrote the book on game design (...or at least he wrote *A* book on game design. It's called A Theory of Fun, and it's required reading for anyone who wants to create games.) If you are curious what we've been up to with Raph, here is an interview with Thomas Blair (design lead on Crowfall) which gives an excellent a look "behind the curtain" of one facet of the crafting system: the system for refining Metallic Alloys.