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Storing items for Export

During a campaign players can move items, resources, and materials into embargo. This is the main way that you will bring items back with you from inside a campaign. Items can only be placed in embargo at a special "Summoning Circle" which will be located intentionally in the most hostile area of the map. Each player has a unique embargo vault, and will need to balance exporting items vs. using the same items to contribute to victory in the campaign. Once items are successfully placed in the vault, they are locked there and cannot be removed. At the conclusion of the campaign the export will be calculated appropriately.

Item Export Logistics

At this point we are told that players will need to physically load up their avatars inventories with items that they want to transfer to the summoning circle. We also have the possibility of creating a caravan to transport large quantities of goods to the summoning circle. It is likely that these locations will be the site of frequent ambush by opposing forces looking to take resources from their enemies. The summoning circle inventory will vary based on the campaign type and length so that riskier campaigns will have more export slots to offset the increased risk of loss.

Campaign Export Rules

We have been told that the primary factors in calculating the quantity of items taken out of the campaign will be how well your faction or guild performed as well as your individual performance. The length of time spent in the campaign will also be considered so that players who enter late in the campaign cannot ride the coattails of a winning side.
Currently resource rewards are to be calculated so that the appropriate percent of a stack of resources will be exported. It is not yet finalized as to how this will apply to items, and single items that cannot be split. It may be that a player will be able to prioritize items based on rarity, size, or value, but this is not yet finalized.