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Attribute Base
Str.png Strength 20
Dex.png Dexterity 60
Spi.png Spirit 60
Int.png Intellect 40
Armor 80
Movement 105

Lore Information

You’ve wandered far from home, child – you cannot survive here. I can see the heat drain from your body with every breath. Will you dance with me? It has been so long since I had a partner. Oh, it speaks! Unexpected! It asks my name? How delightful. I shall answer it, for I am amused. I am Xaluara, little one. Xaluara Dane, Frostweaver and Witch-wife, Scion of Caer Correina and Thrall-maiden of the Prince with Four Faces. How long have you been hiding in this little cave? It is Winter, now. Your kind has left… left, or died! A pity. I find it so lonely now. Come, my little feral wolf -- let us dance! I am bored and my blade is so cold. You are so alive, so full of warmth! Surely you can spare some for me?

Archetype Information

Statistic Base Statistic Base Statistic Base Statistic Base
Weapon Damage Life on Hit 15 Dash Count 3 Health Regen 10/s
Critical Hit Damage 125% Critical Hit Chance Hunger Resistance
Power Damage 120% Power Cooldown -0.5/s Fire Resistance
Fire Damage 11% Ice Resistance
Ice Damage 28% Warmth Conversion 80%

Promotion Classes

Discipline Runes




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