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Attribute Base
Str.png Strength 60
Dex.png Dexterity 60
Spi.png Spirit 40
Int.png Intellect 20

Lore Information

I hate the bloody cold. You get used to the wind, the silence, the desolation. The burn? Aye, it’s bad. But when you stop feeling it – notice a sudden warmth in your fingers, your toes, your ears – that’s when you have to worry. We are the Warders. Protectors of the Light. Heralds of Winter. I know! Bloody heroes, right?! When a World is ready to give up its final breath, bleed out the last of its warmth... When there is nothing left but the graves and the ice and the Hunger… we go back. We go back for those too stubborn, too dumb or too weak to leave. A few of them, we save. Most we put to the sword, or feed to the fire. If that’s the only way to save them from the Hunger, we burn em and shed not one tear of regret. To be blunt, most men haven’t the stones for it. I don’t give a damn for the Gods. I fight to keep the flame alive. The weak, flickering ember of Life… It is ours to protect.

Archetype Information

Statistic Base Statistic Base Statistic Base Statistic Base
Weapon Damage Life on Hit Dash Count Health Regen
Critical Hit Damage Critical Hit Chance Hunger Resistance
Power Damage Power Cooldown Fire Resistance
Fire Damage Ice Resistance
Ice Damage Warmth Conversion

Promotion Classes

Discipline Runes




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