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Attribute Base
Str.png Strength 20
Dex.png Dexterity 60
Spi.png Spirit 60
Int.png Intellect 40

Lore Information

Think of me as your confidant. No, as your brother. That is the depth of my love for you. What do you know of the Hunger, Brother? Do you believe that every World must die, as a tree rots from age and decay? That the Hunger is dark sorcery – the work of greedy conjurers and demon worshippers? No, no. This is not true. The Hunger is the embodiment of ordinary sin. Envy. Hatred. Greed. Lust. Ordinary sin that corrupts the heart of ordinary men… Men no different than you. Men who live in darkness, and hide from Mother Church. This is my service and my penance: seek out the shadow, expose it to the flame of truth, and drag the sinful back into the Light. Will you not admit your failings? Your village is aflame. Your family is gone. Your lies benefit no one. Speak now, brother. I can make the pain stop. Tell me of your Sins.

Archetype Information

Statistic Base Statistic Base Statistic Base Statistic Base
Weapon Damage Life on Hit Dash Count Health Regen
Critical Hit Damage Critical Hit Chance Hunger Resistance
Power Damage Power Cooldown Fire Resistance
Fire Damage Ice Resistance
Ice Damage Warmth Conversion

Promotion Classes

Discipline Runes




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